Thursday, 19 April 2012

Old Days

A Little Thing Called LOVE

Monday im waiting
Tuesday i'm still waiting to see
See.. see if you are fine
Wednesday you're still not here
Neither in the morning or later
Thursday is also empty
Friday Saturday or even Sunday
None of the day that i don't miss you
None of the day that you will come back
To be in our old days
The day i met you
The day that i was close to you
The day that we held hands
The day that i loved you
The day that i spoke to you
The day that you listened to me
How long it will be like this?
I don't know
How many months or years?
How many billions of our past memories?
I never dont miss you..

Friday, 13 April 2012

Masa Senggang

Assalamualaikum and hi readers!

Hai hai hai! Lamanya i tak update blog. Lately ni busy gile. Esaimen tak sudah2. Nak study pun tak sempat2. hoho. First thing first i kalau for introduction mesti nak cite apa relate tajuk entry ni dengan isi entry kan? Haha perlu ke sebenarnya? Haruslah kan? hehe :)

Masa senggang? hehe act nak cite yang blog ni akan di update if cik punya blog ni ada masa senggang. haha! relate tak u guys? hehe sebab i blogging pun just for fun, isi masa senggang, bukannya nak gain followers or dapat award and what so ever la yang seangkatan dengannya. huhu. So heres the anecdote from week to week yang busy gile tuh. Let the pictures do the talking :)

Met my best friend from high school, Ayuun :)

Lab work~

Inaugural Lecture @UPM

Preloved items for sale!

Me with wani~

Nilai 3~

@Bangi visit kak ngah!

After bangi act esoknya ke Port Dickson for Family Day EHSAn. Gambar PD nanti lah i update. hihi dah ngantuk, esok class 9.30 bole gedik2 lagi update entry kan? Masa senggang lah sangat neh? haha okay till then, thanks for reading! Nite!